The Story


Innate Nature Facilitators 


Marko Lemo

Marko has a long history of living in and exploring wild places in nature around the world. He has survived and thrived in the extremes of nature, living in the ice and snow of a Norwegian winter, the high altitudes of the Himalayas, the lush jungles of India, Brazil and northern Queensland, the dry and hot desert of Egypt and central Australia. He experienced these environments in the rawest form, mostly with nothing but himself, his trust and love for the natural world and his faith in the body's ability to adapt and grow strong. He firmly believes that the natural world is our true home and our path to discover our innate strength and capability. He had many profound experiences that led him on a path to discover his highest potential and to seek ways of helping people to reconnect with nature to heal, nourish and find peace, contentment, love and enlightenment.

Marko spent many years studying ancient and new practices around the world that bring us into balance so that we can live in greater harmony with the natural world:

- Yoga: trained in Norway, completed teacher training in Dharamshala, India and has taught classes in Egypt, Norway, Philippines, Australia and India.

- Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu training in Wudang China

- Reiki 1st and 2nd degree in India

- Bio energetic healing in Norway

- Kick boxing, practiced for 12 years and taught at a high- level for 5 years in Norway

- Breath work facilitator since 2012

As well as formal training he has consciously studied and practised many other forms of movement and physical skill such as: running, swimming, climbing, parkour, aerial silks, gymnastic rings, animal movement, injury recovery and strength training.

Marko is peaceful, powerful and kind and has developed his teaching style over years of experience. He loves to help everyone and to pass on healing practices and wisdom.

Gigi Indigo

GiGi Indigo is a heart centered leader with a mission to create a positive evolution in the world. Gigi is the founder of a health & wellbeing platform Aumi Tao, and as . Gigi was born 27-07-1990 in the Netherlands, from 2014 she has been fortunate to learn worldwide about natural healing modalities.


The journey started with healing myself from unhealthy cells, one stage before cancer was diagnosed. Through nature’s wisdom I managed to find the cause of the problem. I healed unbalanced organs, hyperthyroidism, a burnt out mind and the unhealthy cells in my body.

By healing myself I found my mission in life: “heal thy heart & transform thy souls blueprint”, living and sharing a  heart centered lifestyle in harmony with nature. I’d love to share nature’s wisdom with purpose to find the true self, by personal self discovery through natural health treatments, emotional intelligence workshops, eco friendly self sustainable communal lifestyles, holistic business/project coordination, natural medicine, healthy vegan and high vibrational catering. 

Being in service as a holistic healer, it’s a great way to follow my mission in life.                    

I see the human being as art, it is my passion to connect unbalances holistically, like a puzzle, healing the cause of the problem.

I am an instrument of the supreme divine creator to work through my being. Tuning in, I connect and am a channel for the highest healing to find peace.