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With Amanda Greenwood


Welcome to this healing space! 

If you are seeking support and healing to transition into abundant wellness and the full expression of your being, it is a honour and pleasure to work with you!


I weave a mix of bodywork, Reiki, womb healing, soular realignment and sound healing; each session intuitively based on each person's needs and held with love, safety & support

If you long to step into your full expressive self, I offer Expression Sessions designed to free up your voice, body & mind.


This process unlocks your unique codes to bring you into the full creative being you are.







"There is no words to describe the true power and depth of healing and expansion that Amanda activates in people.   There are learned healers... and then there are those who are naturally born healers blessed with divine virtues, who hold a incredible high vibration from their inner nature and from impeccable daily spiritual self-care, and further refine their gifts with the passage of time. Such is the healing energy of this pure, free and powerful being. Those who are fortune to have met Amanda know exactly the truth of these words.

I cannot recommend her healing services enough. If you are looking for energy healing and to step into the full potential of your authentic expression look no further. Contact her and give yourself the gift of true healing" 


Jawai Tao 

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