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The Call of The Wild
3-day Retreat

A man's journey to peace, strength and life force

Breathwork - Nature Connection - Strength - Natural Thriving - Meditation - The Sacred Masculine - Innate Wisdom   

Welcome to the Call of the Wild brothers!

The time has come to integrate our experience and live as a whole, healthy, conscious and loving men.

Stop allowing old patterns and habits to affect your relationships and drain you of vital energy, clarity and strength.  Re-awaken to your truth, brotherhood and the teachings of the wild and step into a whole new way of being - one filled with peace, power and innate wisdom.

Join us in a 3-day journey into the natural world and the pillars of the Natural & Conscious Man, through a variety of processes for growth, integration and expansion.

Slow down... breathe... and listen....

Listen to the Call of the Wild! 

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with Marko Lemo & Jawai Tao
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What Can I Expect 




Connect with fellow brothers in a safe container and let go of what is limiting your growth and potential.  Be supported to step into the best version of yourself and start living with greater courage and intention. Feel the power of brotherhood as we dive deep into a range of processes for connection to self, others, heart wisdom and higher self.



All life has an intelligent natural design for health and thriving. Yet the modern man has deviated profoundly from the true forces and practices behind true health. Realign your mind and body with the principles of natural health and activate life force and will power in your being. We will be exploring a range of engaging exercises and practices for strength and abundant health including: Qi Gong, animal movement, reflex & coordination games, balance, strength, and mindful movement.

Clear Water Lake


Presence is freedom. Nature is life.

Connect with breath, body and the fundamental nature of life and return to the peace and simplicity of the present moment. 

This retreat is infused with guided mindful awereness and abundant moments of embodiment and connection to self, heart and nature. 


To be a whole and strong man is a gift to oneself and society. To be a loving and conscious men is a blessing and a duty. During this retreat we will also be exploring the nature of our relationships to others, specially to women and children. Integrity and the role of the conscious/tribal men will be shared and explored to assist you in creating healthy, respectful and love-filled relationships.

Father and Daughter
Views of Nature



Through the power of truth and vulnerability we will be peeling away layers of the ego and steeping whole-heartedly into the truth of Self. Brake through self-imposed limitations and self-doubt and go to new heights of your potential and vision. Together and in fertile soil we will be exploring powerful tools for self-awareness and transformation and igniting our fire for self-evolution and collective thriving.


Ananda Rainforest Retreat
Currumbin Valley

ANANDA is a meditation and wellness retreat centre nested in 19 acres of exotic rainforest and breathtaking views. At ANANDA you can immerse yourself in nature, de-stress and gain vital knowledge for a healthy, prosperous and meaningful life. 

ANANDA means bliss in Sanskritt - the natural  beauty, energy of the forest and mind-blowing views of this land really does live up to it's name.

Forest Road
Join us in this 3-days of deep connection to self and the wild!
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06-08 May 2022
Apply for the retreat​ now and you will be contacted shortly. 
Have any questions? Contact us now 043 043 44 17

Meet the Facilitators

Marko Lemo

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Marko has a long history of living in and exploring wild places in nature around the world. He has survived and thrived in the extremes of nature, living in the ice and snow of a Norwegian winter, the high altitudes of the Himalayas, the lush jungles of India, Brazil and northern Queensland, the dry and hot desert of Egypt and central Australia. He experienced these environments in the rawest form, mostly with nothing but himself, his trust and love for the natural world and his faith in the body's ability to adapt and grow strong.


He firmly believes that the natural world is our true home and our path to discover our innate strength and capability. He had many profound experiences that led him on a path to discover his highest potential and to seek ways of helping people to reconnect with nature to heal, nourish and find peace, contentment, love and enlightenment.

Marko spent many years studying ancient and new practices around the world that bring us into balance so that we can live in greater harmony with the natural world:

- Yoga: trained in Norway, completed teacher training in Dharamshala, India and has taught classes in Egypt, Norway, Philippines, Australia and India.

- Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu training in Wudang China

- Reiki 1st and 2nd degree in India

- Bio energetic healing in Norway

- Kick boxing, practiced for 12 years and taught at a high- level for 5 years in Norway

- Breath work facilitator since 2012

Jawai Tao


Jawai has a deep passion for life, full trust in the power of truth and love, and a keen appreciation of the Natural Intelligence behind all life. He works with the principle that all life has an embedded design for wellness and thriving, including human beings, and his work is founded on natural law, life-force and soul consciousness.


He is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, yoga instructor, transformational coach, accredited mindfulness meditation teacher, and the founder of AMAR Centre for Mindfulness & Human Thriving. He is the author of the INNATE THRIVING PROCESS, has a meditation practice of 20 years, a private practice on the Gold Coast, and has been facilitating workshops, courses and retreats for over 10 years. He has been sitting in men’s work consistently for 2.5 years, and over the past 10 years has been helping individuals with all kinds of challenges in his private practice, from complex trauma to depression and anxiety, to unleashing innate potential and expansion of consciousness.


He lives a life of joy, presence and love, listening deeply to the beat of his heart and to daily calls of yellow-tailed black cockatoos.

Over the past 20 years Jawai has trained in a variety of modalities including:​

- Hypnotherapy - The Richards Trauma Process

- Transformational Coach - Earth Pulse Collective

- Psychology - Master degree in Clinical Psychology

- Yoga - teacher trainings in India and Guatemala.

- Mindfulness meditation - several professional trainings over the past 14 years.

- Qi Going level 1

Catering by...

Mikky  - Aroha Catering

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Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 3.16.20 pm.png
Tropical Leaves
  • Shared accommodation at Ananda Rainforest Retreat:

  1. Rainforest Treehouse

  2. or Camping  (tents/glamping tent, sleeping mat and sheets provided. You might choose to bring your own tent if desired).

  • Delicious vegan meals 

  • Daily yoga and mindfulness meditation

  • Breathwork & pranayama

  • Powerful immersions in group processes for positive change and transformation

  • Bonfire gatherings 

  • Nature immersions and solo contemplative time in the wild

  • Song circle 

  • Subtropical nature walks

  • Conscious embodiment practices for health, strength & thriving 

  • Brotherhood love, inspiration and encouragement

  • 3 days fully dedicated to your truth, growth and power

What's Included

Forest Road
Release - Reconnect - Rewild 

Book Now!
Have any questions? Contact us now 0477 723 938

What We Will Explore

Through a variety of embodiment practices, group process, reflections and meditations we will dive deep into:


  • Natural practices to keep your body strong and your mind clear

  • The Pillars of the Natural & Conscious Man

  • Practical tools to overcome anxiety, stress and limiting beliefs

  • The Men-Wilderness Connection

  • Soul Consciousness Guided Journeys & Didgeridoo Healing  

  • Men's healthy relationship to women, children and others. 

  • Your relationship to yourself, your shadows, your light and innate potential.

  • The Power of Brotherhood

  • The Spirit of the Warrior

  • The Healing power of Fire & Sound 

  • The Courage to Be, Love and Create from your Truth.


Let's do this brothers!

To book your spot click on apply now bellow,  go to the calendar and click on "Book Now" and follow the prompts to complete your booking. 
Meditation Deck.jpg


Treehouse shared accomodation - $1,170
Camping shared accommodation- $950  

All inclusive.

Join us around the fire brothers. 
Listen to the call of the wild!


Who Is This For?

This retreat is for men who:


  • Have had enough of negative patterns and are ready to step into their power, love and wisdom.

  • Want to take better care of their body and mind.

  • Want to learn powerful tools and practices to boost their energy and mental clarity in daily life

  • Want to face their challenges with greater self-mastery and intention.

  • Are tired of feeling anxious and down, and want to tap into states of connection, contentment and optimism.

  • Are feeling the call to connect in truth with brothers and cultivate the conscious, healthy and whole masculine.

  • Are feeling alone in their struggles and would like to be heard, valued and be supported in overcoming them.

  • Are feeling the call of the wild and a longing to connect deeper to the liberating and healing power of Nature. 

  • Want to spend 3 days totally dedicated to their growth and work on embodying their higher self.

  • Are ready to let go of limiting beliefs and start living with more courage, lightness and authenticity.

  • Want to live with a greater sense of purpose and contribute to their gifts to greater good.

  • Want to live with sovereignty, naturalness and freedom.

Forest Trees
Step into your wholeness and power!
Live from your Inner Nature! 

Let's gather!
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