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Friends in Nature
For The Love of Humanity Project
For the Love of Humanity Project

A project for bringing kindness, connection, altruism and nature back to the lives of individuals and communities”


Mountain Peak
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What is For The Love of Humanity Project?

Meditating on the Beach

A wise rearrangement of human and natural resources sprung from the longing in the hearts of millions of human beings, for a life of connection, humanity, truth and beauty.


For the co-creation of harmonious altruistic communities based on Natural Law and the Human Virtues.


Communities that respect human being’s dignity, worth and freedom and the value inherent in all life forms.

Communities that:

Communities that:


  • Provide people with the conditions to rest, connect, heal, awaken and thrive

  • Realign human endeavours with natural law

  • Provide an experience of daily living where joy, happiness, time, health, growth are abundant

  • Serve as a real-life example of what we are capable of as a species.

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Waiting for the Waves



Receive compassionate support from the Gift-of-Life facilitators and a safe cocoon of deep listening and encouragement to help you become more self-aware, release internal roadblocks and experience breakthroughs. Learn how teachings from ancient wisdom and the science of human flourishing can totally transform your mindset and life. Take a journey in an innovative process for positive transformation, The INNER NATURE PROCESS. 


Discover your natural strengths and tap into a true source of power and energy to help you to actualise your projects and dreams. Step into a vortex of joy, playfulness and authenticity and be encouraged to play with your own creative potential.




Uncover the many Gifts of Life. Open your mind to live more freely and welcome more celebration and fun into your life.

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Solitude Retreat

Solitude Retreat, a hidden paradise of 164 acres of outstanding natural beauty with beautifully tended gardens including sacred areas: Labyrinth, North American Medicine Wheel and Mary Magdalene's Grotto. We have numerous walking trails with spectacular views of the Boarder Ranges National Park and has many rock pools for that cool, secluded swim.

 (Numinbah Valley, Qld).

Mountains in Clouds
Join us in this 3-days of Transformation and Celebration! Book Now!
28-30 May 2021
Apply for the retreat​ now and you will be contacted shortly. 
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Meet the Facilitators

 Gustavo Sé Cestari


Gustavo has a background in Psychology, and is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, yoga teacher, accredited mindfulness meditation educator, and the founder of AMAR Centre for Mindfulness & Human Thriving. He is the author of the INNER NATURE PROCESS; has a private practice in Burleigh and has been running workshops, courses and retreats for over 8 years.  

He lives a life of simplicity, love and nature and is often found cocooning in a treehouse in Currumbin Valley or walking at sunrise on the open beaches of the Northern Rivers. 

Gustavo Se Cestari

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Amanda Greenwood


Amanda Greenwood works with groups and individuals to integrate self care, empower expression & embody transformation.

She weaves her intuitive healing practice with threads from her studies of Reiki, Zenthai Shiatsu, Yoga, Chi Nei Tsang, Womb Awakening and Sound Healing.  

With a passion for play, connection and creativity, she also facilitates sessions for Empowering Expression.With a Bachelor in Applied theatre and a background in Creative Facilitation, Actor Training and Play Therapy, Amanda creates safe environments to explore and express the many aspects of the self to unlock ones full potential. 

Amanda Greenwood

Karina Miotto.jpg
Karina Miotto


Karina Miotto is an environmentalist and activist with a Master´s Degree at Schumacher College, England, one of the greatest schools of holistic teaching on nature in the world. She is a facilitator of The Work That Reconnects and a close student of Joanna Macy. Karina Miotto also works as speaker´s coach, trained by TED and as individual “coach”, helping people to empower themselves in their projects to heal themselves and the planet.

Karina Miotto

Mountains in Clouds
  • Delicious vegetarian meals and shared accommodation

  • Daily yoga, breathwork and mindfulness meditation

  • Sound healing and ecstatic dance

  • Subtropical nature walk and a cleansing river swim

  • Life enriching immersions in the Inner Nature Process

  • The Gift of Life workbook including practices for daily health & wellness

  • A powerful Deep Ecology process with Karina Miotto

  • Fire ceremony under the stars

  • A musical journey into mantras and free expression

  • Play therapy exercises for building confidence and connection

  • 3 days dedicated to your wellbeing, growth and thriving

What's Included

Mountains in Clouds
Start 2021 with Clarity and Inspiration.
Book Now!
Have any questions? Contact us now 0477 723 938
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What You Will Learn

In a supportive and safe environment built on the foundations of respect, kindness and compassion you will be able to safely journey deep into yourself and expand your awareness, self-acceptance and self-love. As you emerge from this healing and transformative cocoon you will be equipped with:

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  • Tools to overcome emotional patterns and limiting beliefs

  • Practices for your daily wellness routine

  • Insight into your natural strengths and gifts

  • Practical tools to overcome anxiety, stress and depression

  • Inspiration to express more authentically and creatively

  • Knowledge about the art & science of Human Thriving

  • Insight into the art of conscious relating 

  • An appreciation to your connection to nature and the universe

  • Celebration of the Gift of Life!

Mountains in Clouds


$1,170 or 3 monthly payments of $420

All inclusive.


Who Is This For?

This retreat is for those who:


Want to have a break from the busyness of life, learn profound truths, reset their body and mind, and start afresh

Want to have a set of practical tools to face life’s challenges

Are feeling anxious, down or unfulfilled and want to change 

Are feeling overwhelmed and tired of living life as never-ending to do list

Are ready to let go of limiting beliefs and start living with more courage and authenticity

Want to develop inner strength and actualise their full potential

Wish to live on purpose and contribute to the greater good

Want to deepen their relationship with nature and feel deeply connected to life

Want to develop personally, professionally and spiritually

Want to live with greater excitement, creativity and freedom

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Nourishing Terrain for Transformation

Certain conditions lead to struggle and other conditions to positive change and thriving. In an environment rich in compassion, wisdom and support, a person who is struggling can overcome their challenges, grow and feel greater joy, clarity and fulfilment. In this retreat, we have crafted the right conditions for transformation.


The Gift Retreat incorporates 6 key elements for positive change:


COMPASSION – A safe environment of genuine compassion, validation and deep listening.


WISDOM  – Timeless truths from ancient wisdom that underpin living as an awakened, empowered and peaceful human being. 


KNOWLEDGE– a wealth of knowledge from various fields, from positive neuroplasticity, to mindfulness, transpersonal psychology, emotional healing, and the science of human flourishing.


EXPERIENCE – Actual experiences with the key processes, tools and principles for transformation applied to your own mind, heart and life. 


INSIGHT – The retreat is designed to help you gain deep insight into yourself and inner patterns as well as the nature of human thriving.


PRACTICAL TOOLS - You will learn practical tools to overcome challenges and catalyse energy in daily life.

Plus this retreat is blessed to be set in an amazingly lush and vibrant natural paradise.

NATURE - another powerful setting for transformation and positive chance.

Give yourself the give of love and
live from your Inner Nature! 
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Cancelation Policy for Retreats and Workshops

Cancellations received up to or before 1 month before the event – the fee will be refunded less $110.
Cancellations received up to 10 working days before the event – 50% of the fee will be refunded.
Cancellations received 10 working days or less before the event – no refund will be made. 

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