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3 Simple Steps & Get Your Discount Code

 1. Like our Facebook & Instagram

2. Share ANANDA on facebook

3. Sign up to Friends of the Forest Newsletter and get your discount code emailed straight away.

Then simply scroll down to Calendar below and book your retreat at a discounted price.


Select the preferred retreat below the calendar to see dates available for that specific retreat.

What results do people get in the event?

- Effective tools for coping with stress and anxiety

- Increased energy and clarity

- Motivation and Inspiration

- Feeling more relaxed and at peace

- Deeper connection with self and the earth


  1. Go to Calendar below and check available dates. 

  2. If payment hasn't been made, click on Payment Box to make payment. 

  3. Then select desired date on Calendar and click "Book Now" and follow the prompts to book. 

  4. Upon booking you will receive an confirmation email with further details about your booking.

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