Innate Nature
              4 Day Retreat

Ignite  - Recover - Connect - Empower             Mind  - Body - Spirit

Transformative retreat in the lush green heart of Currumbin Valley - immerse yourself in 4 days of self-care.

 Retreat by Marko Lemo & Gigi Indigo

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Are you doing well in your career, however you often feel tired?

Do you experience not having enough time, an overwhelming or drained feeling, tension in your body and/or burn out symptoms?

Are you living in your mind most of the day but would prefer to be more connected with your body - living from your heart?

Do you feel alone, have difficulties with communication or in your relationships?

If so, we would love to be there for YOU, supporting YOU to reconnect with your TRUE NATURE.

By creating the space for you to have a complete time out from your daily lifestyle, you will

Cleanse and be Empowered to get Clarity about YOURSELF and your underlying feelings.

To find Peace within yourself, and in every situation in life.

To connect deeper with the True Essence of your Being.

To reconnect to Nature, with a Healthy and Happy Mindset.

You will be Detoxified and Inspired by delicious healthy organic vegan food.

Leaving stronger and starting with a new and fresh prospective in life. 

We promise you an experience to never forget, supporting you to live a purposeful life.

Being the change you would like to see.

By changing yourself, we create a better world.


We are going to have a lovely time together, in the lush rainforest on Tomewin mountain in the Currumbin valley.


Selected as one of the most popular holiday destinations, 10 minutes away from beautiful beaches, retreat centre Ananda is located within one of the most extraordinary places - surrounded by 10 acres of magical botanical rain forest. Here we will stay, in this paradise, exploring the the diverse plants and trees, taking in the peaceful energy of ‘Ananda’ - the place of Bliss. Imagine watching heavenly stars, signing heart songs by the fire, and taking in the incredible sunset mountain views all while having a delicious healthy vegan dinner. Talking about the food, Aumitao’s conscious catering will inspire you with simple and luxurious dishes. The beautiful organic food will nourish, ground and re-energise you during the wonderful transformative work we do, while the healthy elixir drinks will support you to feel radiant and connected.

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You can make deep changes, that will change your life for the better with ease and joy.

Our 4 day Innate nature transformation retreat is aimed at anyone wanting to deepen their connection with themselves, to gain body/mind awareness, to connect to the ancient wisdom of nature and to cultivate tools to help live a more calm and flexible life.


Led by highly experienced well-being facilitators, you will be guided through various styles and approaches to a natural lifestyle (to suit all levels), deep connection by breathing in to a fresh new start, with a clear &  focused mindset to replenish a life in harmony with nature and your true self.

“Lifestyle does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.” 

What Participants Will Experience:

We will journey into the rich rainforest of Ananda retreat and observe the origins of nature, as well as enjoy a daily and program that will support you to innate your true nature. Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Holistic fitness, Positive mind training  and a delicious Vegan food.

Day  1

2.00 pm - Welcome circle

Introduction )

3.00 pm - Orientation & rainforest walk

4.00 pm - Set up camp 

6.00 pm -Dinner

7.00 pm - Fire circle & Meditation

( Basic essence of meditation )

Day 2 

7.00 am - Motivation & Goal setting 

8.30 am - Breakfast

10.00 am - Fitness activation and mobility

( strength, injury prevention / recovery ) 

12.00 pm - Lunch

1.30 pm - Mindful walk / run in the forest

2.30 pm - Nature mud spa & Treehouse spa bath

5.00 pm - Dinner

6.00 pm - Fire  circle & Unity Conscious Meditation 

( A mindset that creates harmony and paradise on earth  )

7.00 pm - Singing circle ( optional )

Day 3

7.00 am -Yoga

( Slow meditative start going deep into the body, Energy activation, a peak with Sun salutation, flow & standing postures, deep, long sitting and laying postures, Deep relaxation  )

8.30 am - Breakfast 

10.00 am - Emotional Intelligence 

( What are emotions, 7 main emotions, meaning & influence, dealing with emotions tools )

12.00 am -Lunch 

1.30 pm - Full body, Mind & Spirit workout

( Qi Gong, animal movement, reflex & coordination games, balance, strength, cardio intervals, will power and stretching ) 

5.00 pm Dinner 

6.30 pm - Fire Circle & Deep connection meditation 

( Connect deeply with your inner self  ) 

Day 4 

7.00 am  - Morning movement / Yoga

( Tai chi, Qi Gong, mobility, recovery and mindfulness ).

8.30 am - Breakfast 

10.00 am - Audio meditation 

(Listing to empowering, conflict solving, personal development teachings)

12.00 pm - Spa Lounge & Lunch

( Relaxing lounges, sun lounge, plunge pool lounge, Buddha meditation lounge , healthy elixirs & optional spa treatments ; massage / facial / foot spa  )

4.00 pm - Closing circle 

( celebrating & planting seeds with ceremonial cacao bliss balls ) 




Rainforest Retreat

A hidden paradise of 19 acres of lush rainforest and breath-taking views nested in Currumbin Valley

 (only 22 minutes from Currumbin Beach ).


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