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Mindfulness & Stress Reduction Day Retreat

- Day Retreat -

Reduce stress and improve productivity in the workplace with mindfulness


Bring your team for a relaxing and inspiring day learning stress-reduction techniques at the magnificent ANANDA Rainforest retreat.

What is covered in the day retreat?


  • Managing and reducing stress at work

  • Understanding the mind and techniques to work with worrying, anxiety and tension

  • Emotional intelligence and managing challenging emotions

  • Bringing mindfulness to a work routine

  • Body awareness and improving posture at work

  • Developing self-awareness, clarity and focus

  • Reducing fatigue and preventing burn out

  • Mindfulness and its relationship to enhanced performance, creativity, problem-solving and a cohesive team.

  • Nature as an ally to reduce stress

  • Work-life balance


Benefits of Mindfulness to Employees: 


  • Increased focus

  • Less stress & anxiety

  • More energy

  • Improved self-esteem

  • Better memory

  • More inspired creativity

  • Improved concentration

  • Enhanced problem-solving and communication

  • Improved overall well-being and physical health


Benefits to the Organisation: 


  • Higher productivity

  • Quicker response times

  • Increased employee focus

  • Increased employee satisfaction

  • Lower absenteeism

  • Decreased staff turnover

  • More cohesive teams and culture

  • More positive work environment

  • Increased efficiency, which can lead to increase profits

What participants will experience on the day: 


  • Engaging, practical and informative lessons

  • A gentle yoga class

  • A guided mindfulness meditation

  • Grounding techniques for times of stress at work

  • A delicious and nutritious vegetarian food overlooking the valley

  • Clear instructions on establishing a meditation practice

  • A walk in nature through the ANANDA’s magnificent Rainforest

  • A valuable day of self-care and stress management practices

  • Time connecting as a team outside the office environment


ANANDA Rainforest Spa

Tomewin Mountain Rd. - Currumbin Valley

19 Acres of lush rainforest nested in the Currumbin Valley with mind-blowing mountain views.

The Facilitator


The program is delivered by, Gustavo Se Cestari an experienced mindfulness facilitator and educator with 19 years of meditation practice, professional associations and postgraduate qualifications in psychology.

Join a group or bring your team (5 minimum participants)


Take your team for a valuable day of self-care, stress reduction and mindfulness.  Book now!

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