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Positive Practices for De-stressing and Promoting Happiness & Wellbeing 

Day Retreat (9am - 3pm)

Enjoy a relaxing day in the pristine natural haven of ANANDA Rainforest Spa learning effective ways to release tension and promote relaxation and wellbeing.



Mindful Art

Essential Oils


Rainforest Walk

Music & Healing

The Foundations of Happiness

Mindful Art


Release your creativity, be present to your body and breath, and make mandalas with natural elements from the forest while listening to relaxing and calming music. Explore ways of using mindfulness to free your creative potential and be more authentic , creative and spontaneous in daily life.


Essential Oils


Explore the healing and nourishing power of essential oils and enjoy a guided meditation whilst being immersed in their fragrances.  Experiment with different oils and find aromas that resonate with you and support a sense of ease, relaxation and wellbeing.


Mindfulness Meditation


Enjoy a guided mindfulness meditation and learn how mindfulness helps you deal better with stress and live life with greater ease, balance and happiness.   


Rainforest Walk


Explore the amazing lush rainforest of ANANDA and the majestic beauty of its flora. Immerse yourself in a worldwide variety of plants and feel connected to nature and deeply revitalized.


The Foundations of Happiness


Explore the value and power of kindness and compassion in transforming our emotions, our relationships and our life. Learn why engaging our heart is making its way into the science of happiness, health and wellbeing and how you can also enjoy its benefits.  


Healing through Music


Discover the healing power of music in digesting emotional tension and improving mood.  “Sound is a harmonic healer”. Explore the possibility of intentionally using music to transform emotional states and live a more joyful and vibrant life.

Resources to Take Home

Take home a summary of the strategies explored in the retreat for your future reference, a guided mindfulness meditation and a mandala colour-in book.   

Vegetarian Meal

The day retreat includes a delicious vegetarian meal for lunch. 

  You will leave the day:


  • Having experienced a whole range of nourishing and relaxing activities

  • Feeling deeply rested and refreshed

  • And equipped with a suite of practices and strategies to nourish yourself in day-to-day life.

Retreats run on weekends. Book now!

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