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What is covered in this workshop?


  • Learn to meditate (the ease and simple way)
  • Tips on how to deal with challenges in meditation
  • Develop a regular meditation practice
  • Learn to reduce stress and anxiety with mindfulness in daily life
  • Be more relaxed and present in day-to-day life
  • Learn to deal with stress and challenges more wisely
  • Learn the benefits of meditation and begin your meditation journey
  • Enjoy an uplifting and inspiring learning experience while immersed in nature


Benefits of Mindfulness


  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Develop emotional stability and mental clarity
  • Have more energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Deepen self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Experience more relaxation, enjoyment and savouring of the present moment
  • Enhance memory and problem-solving and communication
  • Improve overall well-being and physical health


What participants will experience on the day:


  • Engaging, practical and informative lessons
  • Learn a meditation practice that is universal, non-religious and recommended by doctors and psychologists
  • A gentle yoga class
  • A guided mindfulness meditation overlooking the valley
  • Grounding techniques for times of stress
  • Clear instructions on establishing a meditation practice
  • A walk in nature through the ANANDA’s magnificent Rainforest
  • A valuable day of self-care and mental and physical rest


9am to 12pm



Discounted price of $55


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Meditation & Mindfulness 3hr Workshop

AU$90.00 Regular Price
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