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Yoga - Mindfulness Meditation Workshop - Lunch - & Time in Nature

6hr retreat (9 - 3pm)


Yoga Flow Lesson

Experience a mindful and flowing yoga class to vitalize your body, soothe your mind and reconnect with your strength, health and sense of empowerment.

Mindfulness Meditation Lesson

Learn scientifically proven strategies to de-stress and deal wisely with the challenges of day-to-day life, promote emotional balance, mental clarity, and health and the how of living more fully. Participate in an experiential class on mindfulness and its benefits and enjoy a guided mindfulness meditation.

Rainforest Walk

Take a peaceful walk through the magnificent ANANDA Rainforest Spa while enjoying the natural surroundings and learning about the benefits of spending time in nature and the “how” of connecting to nature.


Vegetarian Lunch

Enjoy a delicious vegetarian mean overlooking the mountains. We also explore mindful eating and the importance of selecting food that supports you in living a full and healthy life.

Gratitude & Compassion Meditation

After lunch enjoy a relaxing guided lying down meditation under the therapeutic effects of essential oils and soft music while being guided to cultivate qualities of mind that are known to enhance happiness and psychological wellbeing (Gratitude, Mindfulness and Self-compassion).

Appreciation of Nature & Living Life Fully

An exploration of the the beauty of the natural world, our connectedness to nature and living life more freely and authentically. 


6hr Mindfulness & Yoga Day Retreat

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