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- Surrender all worries and tension and relax deeply in a sound healing experience with singing bowls, didgeridoo and rainforest sounds 

- Learn the art of authentic happiness and how you can live with greater ease, vitality and joy

- Take a walk through the magnificent rainforest abundant with exotic flora

- Enjoy breathtaking mountain views and a delicious vegetarian lunch 

- Cultivate inner peace through meditation and nature’s beauty

- Learn the art of de-stressing and nourishing your body and mind with natural strategies

- Enjoy a deeply relaxing, inspiring and nourishing day in a natural paradise


* Day retreat includes a delicious vegetarian meal and a handout on nourishing activities for wellbeing.



You will leave the day:


  • Having experienced a whole range of nourishing and relaxing activities
  • Feeling deeply rested and refreshed
  • And equipped with a suite of practices and strategies to nourish yourself in day-to-day life.


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Nature, Relaxation and the Art of Happiness

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