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Empowerment & Change - The Deep Ecology Experience


During this 6 hour retreat participants will be invited to reconnect deeply with themselves, others and nature. Prepare yourself to open your heart and to be in touch with your higher self. Be opened to listen to your inner calling and to feel embraced, empowered and ready to be the change you want to see in the world.


Deep Ecology workshops take you to another level of consciousness. It brings you to a place of interdependence with the web of life, where people are as important and sacred as any other living being from the nonhuman species. During this time together, Gaia will talk to you through nature, meditation and the people around you. Be opened to listen. There are great chances of you being touched deeply. It may be a turning point in your life.


Location: ANANDA Rainforest Retreat, Currumbin Valley

Time: 8:30am-3pm  

Vegetarian lunch provided



About Karina Miotto
Karina Miotto has a background of more than 13 years as environmentalist and activist. She lived and worked for 5 years in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil and has founded Reconexão Amazônia, taking people once a year to the forest for deep ecology practices. She´s got a Master´s Degree at Schumacher College, England, one of the greatest schools of holistic teaching on nature in the world. She is a facilitator of The Work That Reconnects and a close student of Joanna Macy. Karina also works as speaker´s coach, trained by TED and as individual “coach”, helping people to empower themselves in their projects to heal themselves and the planet.


About Gustavo Sé Cestari

Gustavo has a background in psychotherapy and sharing mindfulness meditation with thousands of individuals over the past 7 years.  He is a psychotherapist with 3 degrees in Psychology, a yoga instructor (RYT500), and accredited mindfulness meditation teacher with the Mindfulness Training Institute of Australasia.


His life’s work revolves around assisting people restore wholeness and live in peace, prosperity and vibrant health by living in harmony with nature’s inherent intelligence. Gustavo also is the co-founder of For the Love of Humanity Project (FLOH Project), an altruistic project dedicated to bringing love, wisdom and connection back to people’s life.


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Empowerment & Change - The Deep Ecology Experience

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