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Transform & Thrive Retreat in a Natural Paradise


3-days of nourishing and uplifting experiences learning the wisdom of living life joyfully and fully!


What participants experience:


  • Early morning yoga with divine mountain views
  • Gentle guided mindfulness meditations
  • A deeply relaxing and energising Sound Healing Workshop (special guest)
  • Learning the benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation to reduce stress and live with greater peace.
  • Deep reflection on what truly makes you happy.
  • A warm and supportive space of kindness for growth and healing.
  • A Creative Meditative Mandala Workshop (special guest)
  • An Unleashing your Innate Creative Potential Workshop (special guest).
  • 3-day immersion in Art & Science of Inner Transformation, Happiness and Human Thriving facilitated by the founder AMAR Centre for Mindfulness & Human Thriving.
  • Explorations on gratitude, compassion, love, purpose, inner strengths, nature and ancient wisdom.
  • Delicious vegetarian meals
  • Forest Therapy amongst the exotic and energising rainforest
  • Fire Ceremony under the stars
  • Living an authentic, joyful and free life!


Give yourself the gift of love, nature and wisdom!



Transform & Thrive 3-day Retreat

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