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Immerse yourself in a day of self-care, relaxation and nourishment in the lush green heart of Currumbin Valley.


Our 6 hour yoga day is aimed at anyone wanting to deepen their connection with themselves, to gain body/mind awareness, to connect to the ancient wisdom of nature and to cultivate tools to help live a more calm and flexible life.


Led by experienced yoga teachers and wellness facilitators, you will be guided through various styles and approaches to yoga (to suit all levels) as well as Pranayama breathing, yoga mindset and replenishing Yoga Nidra meditation.


We will journey into the diversely rich rainforest of Ananda retreat and observe the origins of yoga, as well as enjoy a morning and afternoon yoga session, meditation and a delicious vegan lunch.


Treat yourself to a day of care, restoration and expansion.


9am: Introduction to Yoga in Nature & Opening circle

9.30: Morning Hatha Energy Flow

10.30: Pranayama & Meditation

11am: Understanding Yoga (basic philosophy of Unity & Nature & breath)

11.30: Nature walk

12.30: Lunch

1.15: Yoga for everyday life (creating a daily practice & threading yamas/niyamas as moral principles)

2pm: Restorative & Yoga Nidra

3pm: Integration (journaling, being on the land)

3.30: Closing circle

4pm: Home

Yoga Day Retreat

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