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Draw 17/08

Your chance to win a transformative 3-day retreat reconnecting to your Inner Nature and opening to the
Gift of Life!
EXPAND on who you truly are, LIVE with AWARENESSWISDOM  
& receive the many GIFTS of life:
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The Gift of Love

The Gift of Presence

The Gift of Truth

The Gift of Health

The Gift of Connection

The Gift of Nourishment

The Gift of Joy

Upcoming Retreats 
11-13 October 2019
17-19 January 2020
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Entries close on 16th of Sep. More info on promotion on the link.  More info on the retreat below

This retreat is an inner journey designed to help you:

  • Transform anxiety and limiting emotional patterns

  • Live authentically from your heart

  • Have more energy and confidence 

  • Be empowered to work on your vision/goals 

  • Meditate and live with presence and love

  • Expand your natural strengths

  • Cultivate self-mastery and be your best self

  • Contribute to the greater good

  • Appreciate the gift of life


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The retreat has the right balance of knowledge, wisdom, connection to nature, transformational processes, nourishment and practical tools for daily living. You will experience:

  • 3 days in an exotic natural paradise 

  • Daily yoga and mindfulness meditation

  • Sound healing with crystal bowls and native flute

  • Key teachings from ancient wisdom traditions

  • Practical tools to overcome daily challenges

  • Immersions in the INNER NATURE PROCESS to let go of the old and open up to the many GIFTS of LIFE.  

  • Deep Ecology processes for transformation and healing 

  • Fire ceremony under the stars

  • A musical journey into presence, healing and joy 

  • Nature's Path for awakening, prosperity and freedom

Inherent Naturalness Logo copy.png

The retreat is set in a hidden paradise of 19 acres of lush rainforest in Currumbin Valley, with abundant exotic flora and mind-blowing views. There is something quite mystical about ANANDA and it is the perfect place for deep transformation.

 (only 20 minutes from Currumbin Beach).

Rainforest Retreat
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The retreat program involves an immersion in the INNER NATURE Process For Human Thriving. The IN-THRIVING is an innovative process for transformation based on various fields including: ancient wisdom, psychology, yoga, neuroscience, schema therapy, mindfulness meditation, compassion training, sound healing and human virtues. It contains knowledge that is universal and that every person in the world should be taught to ensure their health and happiness. 


It was carefully designed to help you transform your struggles and be more relaxed, empowered, joyful and free. Through experiential processes, reflections and meditations you will immerse yourself in the core aspects of human thriving including:


The Mind

Calm your mind and live with greater presence and peace.


The Heart

Tap into the power of love & compassion to transform your life.



Learn to regulate your emotions and change your limiting patterns.


Natural Strengths 

Transcend your limits and thrive on your natural qualities.



Learn to catalyse energy in daily life and support your body to flourish.



Learn powerful tools to navigate challenges in daily with wisdom .



The art of conscious relationships.



Tap into ancient wisdom and feel your interconnectedness with the web-of-life.



Be the author of your life and create freely.


Engage with life in a meaningful way and use your gifts for the greater good. 

Transformation on one of these areas alone can bring about major changes to your life. Together they make a powerful in-depth process for transformation and living with awareness, empowerment and purpose! 

Transform your struggles and open to the
Gift of Life! 
For details and to apply click below!


This retreat is for those who:


Want to have a break from the busyness of life, learn profound truths, reset their body and mind, and start afresh

Are ready to let go of false beliefs, connect with their true nature and live authentically 

Want to have a set of practical tools to face life’s challenges

Are feeling anxious, down or unfulfilled and want to change 

Are feeling overwhelmed and tired of living life as never ending to do list

Want to develop inner strength and actualise their full potential

Wish to live on purpose and contribute to the greater good

Want to deepen their relationship with nature and feel deeply connected to life

Want to develop personally, professionally and spirituality and like an approach that is well founded yet expansive and liberating.

Want to live with greater excitement, creativity and freedom


Guest Facilitator

Kyle Laz

Sound Healing

I am a qualified and passionate herbalist, sound practitioner and intuitive healer, 
… a modern day wizard if you like and for more than 12 years I have been deeply researching and exploring the application of PLANT MEDICINES on the BODY, MIND and SOUL level. This journey led me to learn and study a number of healing modalities and gain a greater perspective of the world we live in.

Guest Facilitator

Mattie Barker

Freedom to Be

& Create

A multi-instrumentalist with years of touring under his belt in various bands around Australia, Mattie has found himself back in the depth of his own creative nature exploring the peace music itself offers to a listener, moving away from the general songwriting formulas that most others tend to follow.

Principal Facilitator

Gustavo Sé Cestari

Immersions - Meditations

IN Process

Immersions - Meditations

IN Process

Gustavo has a background in Psychology, including a Master Degree, is a psychotherapist, a yoga teacher (RYT500), and an accredited mindfulness meditation educator with the MTIA. He has been sharing mindfulness meditation with thousands of people through workshops, courses and retreats over the past 7 years.  

His life’s work revolves around assisting people overcome struggles and thrive being their natural self. Gustavo also is the co-founder of For the Love of Humanity Project (FLOH Project), an altruistic project dedicated to bringing love, simplicity and connection back to people’s life and facilitating a collective shift into the new paradigm of human consciousness. 

Guest Facilitator

Morning Star

Deep Ecology

& Purpose

Karina Miotto has a background of more than 13 years as environmentalist and activist. She lived and worked for 5 years in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil and has founded Reconexão Amazônia, taking people once a year to the forest for deep ecology practices. She´s got a Master´s Degree at Schumacher College, England, one of the greatest schools of holistic teaching on nature in the world. She is a facilitator of The Work That Reconnects and a close student of Joanna Macy. Karina also works as speaker´s coach, trained by TED and as individual “coach”, helping people to empower themselves in their projects to heal themselves and the planet.


Certain conditions lead to struggle and other conditions to positive change and thriving. In an environment rich in compassion, wisdom and support, a person who is struggling can overcome their challenges, grow and feel greater joy, clarity and fulfilment. In this retreat, we have crafted the right conditions for transformation.


The Gift of Life Retreat incorporates 6 key elements for positive change:


COMPASSION – A safe environment of genuine compassion, validation and deep listening.


WISDOM  – Timeless truths from ancient wisdom that underpin living as an awakened, empowered and peaceful human being. 


KNOWLEDGE– a wealth of knowledge from various fields, from positive neuroplasticity, to mindfulness, transpersonal psychology, emotional healing, and the science of human flourishing.


EXPERIENCE – Actual experiences with the key processes, tools and principles for transformation applied to your own mind, heart and life. 


INSIGHT – The retreat is designed to help you gain deep insight into yourself and inner patterns as well as the nature of human thriving.


PRACTICAL TOOLS - You will learn practical tools to overcome challenges and catalyse energy in daily life.

Plus this retreat is blessed to be set in an amazingly lush and vibrant natural paradise.

NATURE - another powerful setting for transformation and positive chance.

11-13 October 2019
17-19 January 2020
Enter for your chance to win! Draw on 17th of Sep.


There are many reasons people struggle. Some are quite known others less obvious. Without a deeper understanding of human nature people end up struggling more than necessary, they end up feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, self-criticism, worry and sadness. Some of the reasons we struggle are:

There are also other reasons varying from a biological perspective, like a genetic predisposition for certain traits, to those of a more spiritual nature like the suffering that arises from living solely from a sense of individual self and not fully recognising our true essence as consciousness itself.

The IN Process is all-encompassing and illuminates fundamental truths on the nature of being human. It supports people to apply these truths towards their own healing, growth and freedom. 

Dramatic Dew Drops

Not having been taught essential knowledge and wisdom on the core aspects of being human that could profoundly impact how you live life. 

Dramatic Dew Drops

Feeling disconnected from others and not receiving genuine compassionate support. 

Dramatic Dew Drops

Not fully honouring your inner nature, your intrinsic wholeness, and not trusting the power and intelligence of the heart.

Dramatic Dew Drops

Hurtful life experiences and the difficult emotions and unhelpful beliefs that arise from them.  

Dramatic Dew Drops

Feeling overwhelmed by the endless financial and mental pressures of a disordered system. Also, not prioritising time to rest and do the things that you love.

Dramatic Dew Drops

Lack of understanding of the nature of the mind and emotions, as well as frequent conflicts in relationships.

Give yourself the gift of love and wisdom and fully receive the
Gift of Life! 
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