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Retreats & Workshops

Transformative immersions in nature to heal, expand and live an exciting and fullfiling life!

Take a day for yourself and enjoy an uplifting, inspiring and nourishing time in the magnificent ANANDA Rainforest. 

A deep and transformative experience to heal, rest, reflect deeply on life and live with greater clarity, purpose and energy.

A variety of workshops from experienced and knowledgeable practitioners on health, wellness and conscious living. 

Day Retreats

Mindfulness in Nature Day Retreat

9am to 3pm

A restful and relaxing day of yoga and meditation in nature learning how to nourish yourself and live more fully in the present moment.


Mindfulness meditation, yoga, self-compassion, connection to nature . 

Weekend Retreats

The Gift of Life 3-Day Retreat

2.5 days  (Fri - Sun)

A weekend immersion in the mountains exploring the science of happiness, the wisdom of ancient traditions and the art of thriving being your natural self!


Mindfulness Meditation, Psychology of Healing, the Science of Happiness, the Art of Human Thriving, Sound Healing, Yoga, Gratitude, Love, Interconnectedness and Purpose. 


Detox & Juicing workshop

9am to 3pm

Coming soon...


Calendar & Bookings

Scroll down and navigate through categories and dates to find a retreat on a date that suits you. 

Follow the prompts to book the retreat/workshop. 

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