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Inherent Naturalness

The Art & Science of Happiness Human Thriving 

Weekend Retreat/Workshop 



Dec 14-16

Meditate in the mountains

Discover the science of happiness

Experience peace, rest and connection with nature

Expand on your authenticity and creative potential

Transform anxiety, stress & tension

Cultivate mindfulness and gratitude 

And thrive being your natural self!

A weekend immersion in the mountains exploring the science of happiness, the wisdom of ancient traditions and the art of thriving being your natural self!


Immerse yourself in:

  • The Science of Happiness and Human Thriving

  • The 10 Spheres of a Productive and Fulfilling Routine

  • The 5 Domains of the Inherent Naturalness Process for Thriving

  • Understanding the Human Energy Vortex 

  • The Power of the Human Virtues

  • The Transformative Nature of Universal Love

  • The Human Condition and Causes of Human Struggle

  • Managing Emotions & Mind States Wisely

  • The Dynamics of Peace

  • The 5 Core Mind/Body States in Daily life

  • The 3 Freedoms

  • Mindfulness, Compassion & Gratitude

  • Sovereignty and Natural Law

  • The Fundamental Nature of Interconnectedness and Oneness

  • The Power of Community

  • Nourishment Practices for Wellbeing

    Highlights of the Retreat


  • Daily yoga and meditation

  • The science of happiness revealed

  • Sound healing experience

  • Mindfulness for wellness and stress reduction

  • Mindful art session 

  • Guided rainforest walk

  • Positive practices for wellbeing

  • Healthy eating and vitality in daily life

  • The intelligence of the heart session

  • The art of authentic living

  • Mountain accommodation

  • Opening and closing ceremony

  • Delicious vegetarian cuisine


An Immersion on a comprehensive and transformative process for positive change and human thriving.


A Culinary Experience

Delicious Vegetarian Food

Your meals will be prepared by an experienced and exceptionally talented Brazilian chef who is a master at the intersection of art, savouring and healthy eating  .  

  • 6 main meals included

  • Herbal tea and biscutis

  • Natural detox juice


An Experience to Transform, Inspire and Create Positive Change!

Weekend retreat is facilitated by a practitioner with:

  • 3 degrees in Psychology

  • 500hrs of yoga teacher training

  • Extensive experience as mindfulness educator and facilitator

  • Years of experience running retreats

  • A warm, supportive and charismatic presence

Learn the science of happiness and the art of living life fully.

Along with resting and enjoying the blissful natural surrounding of ANANDA, participants will immerse themselves into a journey through the science of happiness and the art of living life fully and authentically.

Book now and give yourself the gift living a more joyful relaxed and authentic life!

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Dec 14-16 - 2018

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