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Wild Medicine for Modern Times

Day Retreat (9am - 3pm)

Immerse yourself in natural medicine

Learn effective ways of reducing stress and anxiety

Live with greater energy, clarity and freedom

Conscious Movement

Herbal Medicine 

& Transformation

Mindful Awareness & Meditation

The Healing Power of Nature 

Sound Healing &


The Psychology of Wellness 

Fresh Tomato Salad

Delicious Vegetarian Lunch

Brief overview of the event

  • Mediate with mind-blowing views of the mountains

  • Take a mindful walk thorough ANANDA’s magnificent lush rainforest

  • Learn how to reduce anxiety and stress with mindfulness awareness and meditation

  • Learn the healing power of herbs and how to used them to boost your energy, growth and health

  • Discover how breathwork boosts energy, consciousness and relaxation

  • Experience the healing power of sound

Who is this event for?


- Overworked

- Stressed

- Anxious

- Interested in Mind Body Medicine

- Interest in yoga, spirituality and consciousness

- Needing a reset and recharged

- In times of change and transformation

- Wanting to connect with nature


What challenges do we cover in the event?

-Stress and Anxiety

-Making time for self

-Overactive thinking

-Feeling wired and tired

-Excessive worrying

-Emotionally unstable

- Low energy

-Disconnection from true self


What results do people get in the event?

- Effective tools for coping with stress and anxiety

- Increased energy and clarity

- Motivation and Inspiration

- Feeling more relaxed and at peace

- Deeper connection with self and the earth

What modalities/intentions are covered 


- Mindfulness and Meditation

- Yoga and Breathwork

- Sound and Energy Healing

- Herbal Medicine 

- Psychology of Wellness

- Stress Management



ANANDA Rainforest Spa

Tomewin Mountain Rd. - Currumbin Valley

19 Acres of lush rainforest nested in the Currumbin Valley with mind-blowing mountain views.

  You will leave the day:


  • Having experienced a whole range of nourishing and uplifting experiences

  • Feeling deeply rested, revived and empowered 

  • And equipped with a set of effective tools to face the stresses and challenges of day-to-day life.

Join us for a nourishing day of wild medicine! Book now!


  1. To get the Early Bird Discount book early!

  2. Go to Calendar below and check available dates. 

  3. Click "Book Now" and follow the prompts to book. 

  4. Upon booking you will receive an confirmation email with further details about your booking.


 See you in the mountain! ​

Early Bird Discount 

Book Now and get the Early Bird discount - $129

(from $149) Ends 7/10.


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