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Wild Medicine for Modern Times

Day Retreat (9am - 3pm)

Immerse yourself in natural medicine

Learn effective ways of reducing stress and anxiety

Live with greater energy, clarity and freedom

Conscious Movement

Herbal Medicine 

& Transformation

Mindful Awareness & Meditation

The Healing Power of Nature 

Sound Healing &


The Psychology of Wellness 

Fresh Tomato Salad

Delicious Vegetarian Lunch

Brief overview of the event

  • Mediate with mind-blowing views of the mountains

  • Take a mindful walk thorough ANANDA’s magnificent lush rainforest

  • Learn how to reduce anxiety and stress with mindfulness awareness and meditation

  • Learn the healing power of herbs and how to used them to boost your energy, growth and health

  • Discover how breathwork boosts energy, consciousness and relaxation

  • Experience the healing power of sound

Who is this event for?


- Overworked

- Stressed

- Anxious

- Interested in Mind Body Medicine

- Interest in yoga, spirituality and consciousness

- Needing a reset and recharged

- In times of change and transformation

- Wanting to connect with nature


What challenges do we cover in the event?

-Stress and Anxiety

-Making time for self

-Overactive thinking

-Feeling wired and tired

-Excessive worrying

-Emotionally unstable

- Low energy

-Disconnection from true self


What results do people get in the event?

- Effective tools for coping with stress and anxiety

- Increased energy and clarity

- Motivation and Inspiration

- Feeling more relaxed and at peace

- Deeper connection with self and the earth

What modalities/intentions are covered 


- Mindfulness and Meditation

- Yoga and Breathwork

- Sound and Energy Healing

- Herbal Medicine 

- Psychology of Wellness

- Stress Management



ANANDA Rainforest Spa

Tomewin Mountain Rd. - Currumbin Valley

19 Acres of lush rainforest nested in the Currumbin Valley with mind-blowing mountain views.